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Mehran Daryaei- Supervisor of Workshop
BSc. In the field of Civil Engineering from Arak Azad University in 1996

Holder of 2nd grade construction work permit
Project manager of National Iranian Film Hou
se project from 2012 up to now
Project manager of Qazvin Contemporary Arts Museum from 2010 to 2012 Armeh Now Company
Supervisor of E-trade Building of Ministry of Commerce reconstruction project workshop from 2008-10
Supervisor of Arghavan Sasan residential tower of Velenjak workshop from 2006-08
Supervisor of multistory parking of Taleghani-Tehran from 2005-06
Project manager of 72 residential units of housing foundation of Semnan in 2005
Project manager of 100 residential units of housing foundation of Shiraz from 2004-05
Supervisor of research center workshop of Sepah, Seoul intersection of Tehran from 2002-04
Deputy of 187 residential units of Sepah Jam town workshop 2002
Supervisor of 202 residential units of Tohid town from 1999-2001
Observer and executor of telecommunication sites in Shiraz and Mahshahr
Executive engineer of 400 residential units of Arak Petrochemical Company workshop in 1995
Executive Supervisor of central building of Bank Saderat of Arak from 1992-1993


Mghsoud Rostamzadeh- Project Control and Planning Expert
Industrial Engineering from Khaje Nasireddin Toosi University in 2011
Project Management Engineering from Payam Noor University of Ray
Technician of construction of Basic Sciences and HumanitiesFaculties of Tarbiat Moalem University projects Bat Company 1998-2000
Technician of construction of Shahid Madani Dam of Tabriz 2000-2001
Technician of construction of 3 units of constructional blocks of Andisheh twon, phse 3, sazaneh Boton Coponstructional Company in 2001-02
Technician of construction of Tehran detention house, phse 1, Garah Constructional Company 2002-05
In charge of project control of Sayyad Shirazi and Shahid Babaei Highways intersection and construction of Quarantine Building of Tehran Detention House, Garah Company 2005-09
Supervisor of planning and project control of Ahvaz Petroleum Company’s Laboratories’ Buildings projects, Doroud city water treatment house construction, Choghart ironstone administrative building development project, Fouman 5000 individuals stadium construction project, Bat Company from 2005 to 2010
Supervisor of planning and project control of water treatment house construction of Sardasht- western Azerbaijan, Kahrizak wastewater treatment of Kahrizak- Tehran, Lordegan water treatment house construction, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari, Sahand water treatment house construction, eastern Azerbaijan, Salimi Industrial Town water treatment house construction, Eastern Azerbaijan, Ab Pardazan Bahar Company from 2010 to 2012
Supervisor of technical department of current projects of Tose’e Banaye Kasra Company from 2012 up to now


Mohammad Hassan Akrami Pouya- Expert of Technical Department
BSc. In the field of Civil Engineering from Arak Azad University in 2000
• Holder of 3rd grade constructional work permit
• Expert of technical department of General Department of Schools Reconstruction of Tehran in 2001 and 2002
• Expert of technical department of Ahab Company (Dam Construction Contractor) in 2003
• Supervisor of structure and estimation of Namad Mobtaker consultant engineers in 2004-05
• Expert of technical department of Tose’e Banaye Kasra administrative building of Sepahan Naft and E-trade building of Ministry of Commerce, National Iranian Film House projects from 2006 up to now


Seyed Ali Kashfi- Executive Manager
Mine Engineering from Meimeh Azad University in 2007
• Executive expert of e-trade building of Ministry of Commerce project from 2007-10
• Project control expert of Azadi polyclinic project of Tehran from 2012up to now


Mostafa Mahdavi-Executive Expert
Civil Engineering from Roudehen Azad University
• Executive technician of Pars Arvin Company in 2004
• Executive technician of Azadi avenue pavement construction and Velenjak sports complex for women until 2008
• Executive technician of Elahieh residential complex projects and reconstruction of Naft Hospital Emergency Medical Building until 2011
• Supervisor of Khavarshah Hosseinieh Project workshop from 2011 up to now