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Policies of the Company

Tose’e Banaye Kasra Company, as one of the companies presenting civil and engineering services in direction of the aim and promotion of the qualities and level of the services and satisfaction of the clients and personnel, presents its policies as follows;

1- Satisfaction of the employers via promoting and increasing the quality in the field of construction and decreasing the time for projects, and promoting and enhancement of executing methods and making use of industrial methods in director of the objectives of the company.

2- Promoting the technical knowledge and skills of the experts via continuous education and participation in seminars and exchanging information between the best experts to improve and enhance the level of the personnel

3- Supplying the benefits of the employees and partners and participating in economical projects for promotion of the financial level of the personnel and managers

4- Attracting participation of the personnel and staff in preserving the quality of the presented services and development of teamwork culture and supplying a healthy and happy place for being interest in workplace and optimization of workplace

5- Encouraging the personnel who cause profiting and increasing of the quality of the services of the company with their thoughts and solutions

6- Preparing an efficient place and exchanging thoughts shall lead to increasing in exploitation of the personnel and remarks the may cause omission of less participation of the personnel and the colleague may fell like home in the company and consider protecting the profits of the company as protecting their own.

7- Preparing an efficient control system for achieving the objectives and omitting the elements that may intervene the progress of the company

8- Development of trustworthiness and honesty respecting the ethical and professional principles by senior managers in decision makings and transferring it to the personnel